Athletic Training Mission Statement


The mission of the Campbellsville University Athletic Training staff is to provide optimal health care for all student-athletes in the Campbellsville University community. The care provided should include the prevention, recognition, evaluation, initial treatment, continued treatment, referral, and proper rehabilitation for all athletic injuries and illnesses. Additional responsibilities include education of the athletes and sports medicine aids, counseling of the athletes, documentation and record keeping, and administration of the Athletic Department's Substance Abuse Policy, including testing for illegal street drugs and Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's). It is also a goal of the Campbellsville University Athletic Training staff to set a positive, Christian example for the student-athletes to follow in treating each other with respect and compassion.



The Brooks and Bloemer Athletic Training Facility is located behind Powell Athletic Center, next to the University Wellness Center. The facility was made possible with contributions from the Campbellsville University Team Physicians, Dr. Bobby Brooks of Campbellsville, and Dr. Gary Bloemer of Louisville. The Facility holds a treatment area, a rehabilitation area, wet room for aquatic modalities, a Physicians Office, and a taping area. The University Wellness Center, the University Swimming Pool and the University Athletic Weight Room also fulfill beneficial rehabilitative needs. The Athletic Training Facility is utilized for the injury assessment, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and injury education for all student-athletes at Campbellsville University, as well as an educational tool for students with a desire to pursue a career in Sports Medicine. 



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