Campbellsville University takes great pride in its highly competitive intercollegiate athletic teams as they offer the best in physical cha llenge, competition and character development through dedicated Christian coaches and professional staff. We are always interested in student/athletes that are interested in athletic programs that embrace a strong spiritual emphasis, a commitment to intellectual growth and academic integrity and possess a competitive temperament that is second to none. At Campbellsville University we are committed to making your college experience rewarding.

Campbellsville University competes as a member of the Mid-South Conference (MSC), a highly competitive all-sports conference consisting of 10 private colleges and universities. Campbellsville sponsors 18 intercollegiate teams that are nationally affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).



Prospective student/athletes are invited to fill our recruiting form located on each sport page under the Recruiting link.

Athletic Performance Grants

Grant amounts vary based on an assessment of each athlete's demonstrated abilities, leadership and potential to excel in one or more of our intercollegiate athletic sports. Contact the coach or coaches of those sports that you are interested in as soon as possible.

Other Financial Aid Is Available

Over 90 percent of our students receive financial aid in the form of academic scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment opportunities. In addition to traditional financial aid offerings, the University offers assistance programs that are church-related and endowed scholarships as well as performance grants available in areas other than athletics such as art, drama, journalism, and music.

File For Federal Financial Aid As Soon As Possible After January 1

Federal aid is always available to those who qualify. You can file for federal aid on-line at which is the fastest and most efficient method. You can also mail in a FAFSA form which you can obtain from your high school counselor or from Campbellsville University.

Have The Scores Sent To The Colleges/Universities Of Your Choice

List a private in-state school first (this may increase your financial aid). Kentucky residents should list a private school in Kentucky, such as Campbellsville, first. The recommended priority date for filing for federal financial aid is March 15, 2004. It is possible to file after this date, but it may lessen your financial aid opportunities.

Financial Aid Questions

Questions concerning financial aid should be directed to the financial aid office at 1-800-264-6014 (Extension # 5013) or at 270-789-5013 or e-mail

Apply To Campbellsville At The Earliest Possible Date

Applying early will speed up the acceptance process and the awarding of financial aid. If you have any questions concerning admissions contact the admissions office at 1-800-264-6014 (Extension #5220) or at 270-789-5220. You can contact admissions by e-mail at .

Take The ACT/SAT Test As Soon As Possible

See your guidance counselor for scheduled test dates. Make sure you mark test registration forms to have the Scores sent to the colleges/universities of your choice.

Athletic Eligibility Requirements

In order for athletes to be eligible to participate in athletics during their first semester at Campbellsville they must meet requirements specified by the Mid-South Conference and the NAIA. Athletes must meet two out of the following three requirements:

1. Minimum ACT of 18 (860 on enhanced SAT).
2. 2.0 G.PA. (final high school transcript).
3. Graduate in upper half of your class.

Remember, Students Are Making College Choices Early

Please don't lose financial aid opportunities by delaying your application. We hope that you will visit with Campbellsville University before you decide where you will continue your education.

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