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Posted by Richard RoBards - Thu, Mar. 15, 2012 - [Volleyball]
Lexie Watson with her parents and Coach Amy Eckenfels at her signing.
Lexie Watson with her parents and Coach Amy Eckenfels at her signing.
MURRAY, Ky. - Lexie Watson became the first player in Calloway County volleyball history to sign a letter of intent as the western Kentucky senior signed on with Coach Amy Eckenfels for the 2012 junior varsity team.

Watson caught Eckenfels' eye at an open tryout.

"She came down and just blew me away," Eckenfels told a reporter from the Murray Ledger. "She was the top player out of, I think we had 15 players at the tryout, and came back for a visit. She has a great personality and is not only good on the court, but academically she is very strong too. I think she'll fIt in well with our program."

''To see a student that came into this program that had been playing since the sixth grade before she came to Calloway and to see a student that was so talented has been amazing," said her high school coach, Samantha Hobbs. "It's a wonderful feeling."

Watson was named to two All 4th District Tournament teams and received five varsity volleyball letters, including her eighth grade year. She served as team captain during her sophomore, junior and senior seasons.

Her varsity career statistics include a total of 410 kills, 234 aces, 37 blocks and 44 assists. She received five Volleyball Academic Awards for maintaining a 3.5 GPA during each varsity career. Watson played with the Courttime Volleyball Club in Hopkinsville during the off season.

Watson said she chose to attend Campbellsville University to pursue her dream of playing competitive volleyball at the next level. She enjoys spending time drawing, reading, hanging out with friends and playing volleyball. She is planning to major in art and English.

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