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Posted by Richard RoBards - Fri, Jul. 22, 2011 - [Football]
Boosters of Campbellsville University Football have plenty for which to be proud.
Boosters of Campbellsville University Football have plenty for which to be proud.
CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. - The more things change, the more they (hopefully) stay the same. Such is the wish of Chuck Vaughn, director of the Big Maroon Club, as he seeks to find new leadership for The Dave Fryrear 12th Man Club.

With the death of his brother, Greg, in May, who was the only president the 12th Man Club knew in its 12 years of existence, Chuck Vaughn is trying to punch the right buttons to make the 13th-year transition seamless.

"I don't know if everyone knew just how much Greg did do," said Chuck Vaughn. "His passion for the program provided his motivation."

Now, on Monday, Aug. 8 at 6:30 p.m. the 12th Man Club can hopefully find some new Greg Vaughns. The meeting will be on the second floor of the Hawkins Athletic Complex.

"There were a lot of people who showed up to help, but Greg was there early ... hooking up the sound system and cleaning up around the pavilion. By the time the game started, everything was nearly ready to go," said Chuck Vaughn.

The 12th Man Club's No.-1 priority is to take a little of the game day pressure off coaches who have, well, game day responsibilities. Club members greet the potential recruits, feed them and answer questions from the players and their parents.

"The 12th Man Club is an integral part of what happens each Saturday at Finley Stadium," said CU Director of Athletics Rusty Hollingsworth. "Their help with recruiting makes a definite impression on recruits and their families."

Chuck Vaughn says he'd like to spread the work around a little bit so one person doesn't have to do so much.

"I'm not sure anyone will match the passion of Greg, but I feel like, as a group, we have some folks who will maybe want to do a little more."

The 12th Man Club holds an annual meeting and that's the purpose of Monday, Aug. 8. He plans to invite Coach Perry Thomas to address the club - providing insight for the upcoming season.

"I'm looking at more of a leadership team," said Chuck Vaughn. " I think all supporters of the program want to see the work of the club to continue to be a good experience for recruits and their parents."

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